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Medical Services

    The Gietner Skilled Care and Rehabilitation center has 120 skilled care beds. We offer around the clock medical care and monitoring. Most of our rooms are private. What this means is that even if you have Medicaid or Medicare, you can have your own private room. We are Medicaid/ Medicare certified and also accept private pay and hospice residents. 

    We have the ability to accommodate IV patients, patients with special dietary needs (such as gastric tube feeding), dialysis patients (outsourced), Chemo Therapy (outsourced), suctioning, any medication (in house emergency pharmacy and outsourced pharmacy services), behavior symptoms, dementia, incontinence, and patients who use catheters.  We provide routine doctors visits, in house podiatry, optimology, and dental care. All of our residents' doctors remain on 24 hour call.

    Each of our residents get regular one-on-ones with a licenced social worker. The resident will also have access to psychcological  and psychiatric services routinly.   We also offer individual counseling and therapy through Deer Oaks. A representative from Missouri's VOYCE program visits the facility weekly to meet with residents.

    We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy if Medicare and private insurance guidlines are met. We have an in house nursing restorative program. Our therapists have been with us for twenty years and focus on helping every resident meet their full potential.

    We can assist residents to select the right hospice service for them. For further information about hospice for your self or a loved one, please leave your information here.
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